Sebastian began his successful radio career as a morning talk show host on WCCC FM 106.9 because he hated the music that station would play. He was required to play a certain amount of songs per hour but chose to draw out his dialogue time so he didn’t have to play the music, and people loved it. He developed a dedicated following of fans who became hooked on his hilarious opinions, quirky remarks and honest analysis of sports, politics, and current events.

After leaving WCCC FM, Sebastian used his in-depth knowledge of sports in his next professional position as the Monday Night Football Pre-Game Talk Show Host on WTIC 1080. Sebastian also created sebastiansports.com in 1998, a website where he sells sports picks to subscribers. Even when he is off the air, Sebastian has a hard time staying away from the microphone. He rocks at clubs, restaurants, and private events across the state as the lead singer of the 60’s -70’s oldies band Sebastian & The Hitmen.


Diane Novak was born in New York City. Her family moved to New Jersey where she went to school and was involved in school plays and musical shows. Her love of performing took her to Syracuse University where she received a degree in Communications. After college she began a radio career as a traffic reporter in Hartford, CT, where she met Sebastian. Discovering some pretty unique on-air chemistry, they plied their humor and banter over a span of many years at popular stations like WDRC, WCCC, and WZMX.  She has lent her voice to radio commercials and kept her passion for acting alive by performing with many small theater companies throughout Connecticut. Along with her supportive and loving family, husband and two dogs, she looks forward to continuing with this new exciting chapter of her radio life, with Sebastian, in this new medium.

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